The Community grew out of the May, 2012 Learning Health System Summit sponsored by the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation.  At the Summit, over 80 key stakeholders representing diverse organizations spanning healthcare worked to achieve consensus on the LHS Core Values that underpin and bond together the Community.

Many individuals responsible for planning the Summit on a pro bono basis continue to actively serve on the Community’s Interim Steering Committee.

To date, over 100 prominent national organizations, institutions, and companies have formally endorsed the Core Values, publicly indicating their support for the collaborative realization of an LHS anchored in them.

Over 1,500 individuals are involved in various capacities in the grassroots movement.

 The Community has had a strong and sustained presence at major regional and national conferences and events related to medical informatics and technology, health information management, public health, health administration, health law and policy, standards, and patient and caregiver advocacy.